What a semester it has been full of blogs about family and friends, adventures, vacations, college and life. Now the end of the semester is fast approaching and as I look back at my writings, my favorite blog is Love People. It’s my favorite because loving people is an idea that was relevant yesterday, is today, and will be tomorrow. Like I said in my first blog I can still hear the voice of my high school teacher in the back of my head daily reminding me to love people. Even though it was over two months ago when I wrote Love People, guess what it’s still just as hard to love people as it was when I wrote that blog. It’s one of the most gruesome jobs of life.

What exactly does loving people entail? Well personally I believe that loving people is so much more than simply feeling a particular emotion toward them. I mentioned some of these facts in my last blog but I felt a need to add some additional ones. Loving a person involves listening and being there when the bad days come as well as celebrating the good days in life. Respecting or accepting the other person even when you don’t agree.Gladly doing things for this person even if those things continually go unnoticed; you would even cross oceans and climb mountains if that is what is required of you. Letting them be who they are. Loving a person requires you to put their needs before your own and die to yourself daily. Loving people is a full time job all its own. If you have free time, cherish it, because the ultimate way to love people is to give them your time.

As much as it’s important for us to love people, I think we need to not forget to love ourselves. Sometimes we get so caught up in maxing out our schedules that we may frequently forget to take time for ourselves. I don’t mean to contradict myself by saying give your time to people but also make free time. Make yourself some free time so that you are able to give your other time to people. I think that time is the main reason that loving people is so difficult because balancing your time is a major struggle.Out of all the things that are taught in college, you would think time management would be one of them. If you do not love yourself, how will you be able to love others?

I chose a picture of my high school friends to put with this blog because they’re the people that helped me first learn what it meant to love people. We may all fight like brothers and sisters but at the end of the day I couldn’t love these kids anymore. Warning if anyone dares to try to mess with one of us, all I’m going to say is good luck! I love you guys!

Thanks for reading my blog this semester. I hope you enjoyed it!