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Why I Don’t Write Historical Fiction

The hero barely has time to catch his breath. His ears are filled with the loud pop and whiz of musket balls, mingled with shouts of his comrades and the enemy alike. White smoke from gun powder fills his nostrils and fogs his vision. [You turn the page and the battle continues]…

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Book Reflection: The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

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Only Write Truth


The difference between truths and lies in writing.

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The Most Frustrating Thing


When inspiration is demanded of you…

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Simple Joys

Riley in backyard

The simple pleasure of playing with a dog.

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After Death


A short reflection on one of the biggest questions of the universe. Written in 2010

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Keep Writing

keep writing

“Just keep writing” is what they all say.

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Stand By Your Work?

publishing contract

Be sure that you can stand by your work before you ask others to.


My Future in Writing?

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